Granite State Manufacturing

Jobs Description

  • Machinist Class A
  • Manchester, NH


Sets up and operates Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, manual machines, and machining centers to fabricate metallic and nonmetallic parts by performing the position’s essential functions and responsibilities. Trains other employees on the setup and operation of machines as needed.

  • Studies blueprints, sketches, drawings, manuals, specifications, or sample parts to determine dimensions and tolerances of finished workpiece, sequence of operations, and setup requirements.
  • Measures, marks, and scribes dimensions and reference points on material or workpiece as guides for subsequent machining.
  • Selects, aligns, and secures fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories, and materials.
  • Calculates and sets control to regulate machining factors such as speed, feed, coolant flow, and depth and angle of cut, or enters commands to retrieve, input, or edit computerized machine control media.
  • Starts and observes machine operation to detect malfunctions or out-of-tolerance machining, and adjusts machine controls or control media as required.
  • Works with engineering to analyze problems for best solutions.
  • Mentors and teaches employees with lesser capabilities at any point in production.
  • Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for creating a professional, safe, and clean environment evidenced by: being at work on time to perform assigned duties, following the policies of Granite State Manufacturing, always wearing safety glasses in designated areas, maintaining a neat and orderly work area, and following safety practices to prevent errors.
  • Demonstrates commitment to teamwork by establishing effective relationships and networks with both managers/directors and workers, and collaborating with them to accomplish shared purposes and goals.
  • Abides by GSM Code of Ethics and Business Conduct standards and strictly observe all U.S. and foreign laws and regulations.

Qualifications, Skills & Abilities

  • Capable of setup and running of CNC or manual machines, both horizontal and vertical.
  • Self-sufficient in all areas of machining and production.
  • Able to machine complex parts.
  • Able to use height gages, calipers, micrometers, gage pins, thread gages, and optical comparators.
  • Has troubleshooting skills.
  • Expertise in reading and interpretation of blueprints and specifications.
  • Observes and listens to operating equipment to diagnose cutting efficiency or malfunctions.
  • Knowledge of mathematics, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry preferred.
  • Expertise in work holding devices. Design and build as needed, including cause and effects.
  • Expertise in deburring and finishing techniques.
  • Expert knowledge of tapping, threading, and thread forms.
  • Experienced knowledge of materials, including cutting speed and feeds.
  • Able to plans and execute the sequence of events from start to finish to produce a part.